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Learn to Edit Video With Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorials


Making a movie these days doesn't require fancy equipment. If you have Windows on your computer and a video camera, you've already got everything you need.

Any computer running Windows probably already has the basic editing software Windows Movie Maker, and if not, you can download it free here.

The tutorials below will show you how to use Windows Movie Maker, and will help you get started editing videos on your PC.

1. Start a New Project in Windows Movie Maker

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First, you'll need to set up a new project for editing your Movie Maker video. This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to start a new project. Or, if you prefer watching tutorials instead of reading them, you can check out the video tutorial.

2. Import Video to Windows Movie Maker

Next, you'll probably want to add some video to your project. Our video tutorial on how to capture video in Windows Movie Maker will walk you through the process

3. Edit Video Clips in Movie Maker

It's easy to just dump all your footage into your project and leave it at that, but a little editing can go a long way to making your video look clean and professional. Check out our tutorial on how to edit clips in Windows Movie Maker, or watch the video tutorial instead.

4. Create a Movie Maker Automovie

If you're feeling lazy, you can use the Windows Movie Maker Automovie tool to make Movie Maker create your edited movie for you, complete with transitions and effects. Our Movie Maker Automovie tutorial will teach you how to use the Automovie tool.

5. Import Photos and Music to Movie Maker

Photos and music will add to your movie and allow you to be more creative with your editing. Learn how to import photos and music to Windows Movie Maker with this video tutorial.

6. Create a Movie Maker Photomontage

Once you've imported photos into Movie Maker, you can use them along with video footage or make a fun photomontage. Learn how with our photomontage tutorial, or watch the video tutorial instead.

7. Use Music in Your Movie Maker Project

Give your Windows Movie Maker project a soundtrack by adding and editing music. Check out our tutorial about working with music in Windows Movie Maker, or watch the video tutorial.

8. Add Transitions in Windows Movie Maker

Learn how to add transitions between video clips in Windows Movie Maker. You can also visit our Movie Maker Transition Gallery to check out what the transitions look like and get ideas for using them in your videos.

9. Add Effects in Movie Maker

Add effects to your video clips to change their color and appearance with help from this Movie Maker Video Effects video tutorial.

10. Add Titles in Movie Maker

Give your movie a name and give your cast and crew credit with help from this tutorial that shows how to add titles in Windows Movie Maker.

11. Put Your Movie Maker Video on the Web

Export your Movie Maker video for the web with help from this tutorial, or you can watch the video tutorialinstead.
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