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Video Contest Web Sites

Video Contest Sites to Win Money and Prizes


Looking for a video contest? These resources will help you find the top video contest sites wher you can win prizes and money.

Ongoing Video Competitions:

  • Our Stage:
  • This online competition offers videomakers and musicians the opportunity to win monthly cash prizes based on their popularity on the site.
  • Atom Films:
  • A subsidiary of MTV, Atom Films distributes user-generated videos and shares ad revenue.
  • Famecast:
  • Filmmakers can win large prizes from Famecast if they get enough audience votes.
  • Filmaka:
  • Submissions to Filmaka are judged by experts in the movie industry, and winners get a studio deal.

    Sponsored Online Video Contests:

  • The Desktop Video Online Video Contest Guide features a variety of contests submitted by readers. If you know of a contest that would be interesting to Desktop Video readers, you can add it to this page.
  • Video Contest Web Sites:

  • Zadby
  • Zadby is a cool web site that connects web video producers with major brands that want an online video presence. Big brands like Sony and Speed Stick request product placement videos, and producers get paid based on popularity.
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