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Jaycut Offers Easy, Powerful Online Editing

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The Bottom Line

Jaycut is an excellent free online video editing tool. By allowing users to edit from any computer, without having to download and install software, Jaycut makes editing easy for folks on the go or for virtual collaborators.

Jaycut offers a number of features, though overall it's a pretty basic editing platform. But what it does, it does really well, making it simple to edit and share your online videos.


  • Jaycut is free for individual use.
  • The Jaycut interface is very intuitive.
  • You can download or publish online any movies you edit with Jaycut.
  • Jaycut works very quickly, rendering footage almost immediately.
  • Jaycut doesn't include a watermark or other branding on your finished videos.


  • Uploading uncompressed video footage can take a long time.
  • Jaycut offers only a very limited selection of video effects.


  • Jaycut is a free online editing program.
  • Businesses can license Jaycut as a white-label editing program on their website.
  • Jaycut offers several editing features, including multiple tracks, audio editing, titles, transitions and effects.
  • Users can upload videos, photos and audio to their Jaycut library.
  • Movies edited in Jaycut can be exported to your desktop, mobile phone, or online video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Guide Review - Jaycut Offers Easy, Powerful Online Editing

Online video editing will never surpass desktop editing, but Jaycut comes close.

Jaycut online video editing software lets you do everything you can do with other free video editors, and includes many features that you find in entry-level digital video software. The program gives editors multiple tracks to work with and various effects, titles and transitions.

The asset library is another useful feature in Jaycut. Users can save a variety of video clips, audio and photos to use in any project they're editing.

It takes a while to upload uncompressed footage to Jaycut, but once you start editing the program moves very quickly. Thanks to Jaycut's super-fast servers, there's hardly any wait to preview your edited videos.

And when you're finished editing, Jaycut offers a number of convenient ways to save your videos. Jaycut will create a full-quality movie to download to your desktop, or will convert the movie for your mobile phone or for sites like YouTube. And your final video is your own - there's no Jaycut watermark or any other indication that you used a free editing tool to get the job done.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Great Idea, Poor Fulfillment, Member Genesynth1

Like many online sites that seem like a very cool thing, Jaycut disappoints. For the most part, the site is very intuitive and seems to work fine. But like everything else, the rub is when you need something that has to do with the lesser part. There is no online tutorial, no forums, no screen shots for how to, no users instructions and no telephone support. Not even a chat support. NOTHING! In short, if you have a problem with something, you are basically screwed. This service falls into a long line of products that are hyped and seem to work great for the guy who programmed it. And human interaction has become such a remote thing that the idea of having some scares the heck out of developers, who for the most part, are code monkeys who live through avatars on computers and have no time for the real thing. And while this product seems like a good idea in concept, it is the not the real thing in practice. Until these wiz kid developers start to understand that a business must have some form of fulfillment model, they will never amount to much. It seems to me that these ideas keep getting thrown up as services without being thought through. Perhaps it is just some kind of race to hustle everyone for the next IPO. But don't be fooled, Jaycut falls way short.

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