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Video Sharing Web Sites

Top Online Video Sharing Solutions


Video sharing on the web can occur through free video sharing sites like YouTube, or through paid content delivery networks. Each video sharing site offers its own advantages and drawbacks as well as unique features and access to unique audiences.

Below is a quick rundown of many the top video sharing web sites. For help choosing the video sharing solution that's right for you, read the article, Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Sharing Site.

  • Video Sharing on YouTube
    YouTube is the biggest and best known, and it offers many features if you want to share your video and get it seen by a large audience. How to Use YouTube

  • Video Sharing on Revver
    Revver is a revenue sharing, as well as video sharing, web site. Ads embedded at the end of videos can earn producers real money.

  • Video Sharing on Blip.tv
    Blip.tv is the video sharing site to use if you have regular content that you want syndicated. One big advantage of Blip.tv is that your videos are automatically posted on iTunes.

  • Video Sharing on Yahoo! Video
    Yahoo! Video has all the features available on other large video-sharing sites. It also gives you the ability to upload a transcript for your video, which makes it easier to find in web searches.

  • Video Sharing on My Space
    If you have a My Space page, you have a forum for easily sharing your videos online.

  • Video Sharing on Bolt
    Bolt is aimed at the youth set, and offers tools for uploading and sharing videos, photos and games.

  • Video Sharing on Drop Shots
    A family focused site, Drop Shots allows users to easily upload and share videos and photos with family and friends.

  • Video Sharing on Clip Shack
    Clip Shack offers all sorts of tools for tagging and sharing the videos you upload.

  • Video Sharing on Daily Motion
    Daily Motion offers a clean interface and all of the tools you expect from a quality video sharing site.

  • Video Sharing on Meta Cafe
    A mix of user-generated and professionally produced videos, Meta Cafe lets you upload and share videos with a broad audience.

  • Video Sharing on Our Media
    Our Media calls itself the "global home for grassroots media." If you create videos about social issues, you can upload them here and share them with an interested audience.

  • Video Sharing on Phanfare
    Phanfare is a family-friendly site that offers unlimited storage of your photos and videos -- for a price.

  • Video Sharing on Podesk
    Podesk allows users to quickly create video "channels," so you can host your own content on your own web site.

  • Video Sharing on Selfcast TV
    Along with all the other features you should expect from a video sharing web site, Selfcast TV offers viewers the ability to download videos to portable devices like iPods and PSPs.

  • Video Sharing on sevenload
    sevenload is an international site for sharing photos and videos.

  • Video Sharing on Shozu
    Shozu is designed especially for sharing videos from cell phones

  • Video Sharing on Stickam
    Not only can you upload videos, photos and music to Stickam, you can even broadcast yourself live over the site.

  • Video Sharing on Ustream
    Leave your webcam running, and you can create a 24/7 program of your life on Ustream.tv.

  • Video Sharing on Vimeo
    Vimeo put the "me" back in video.

  • Video Sharing on a Content Delivery Network
    If you're looking for an enterprise video sharing solution, consider a content delivery network. CDNs offer customizable video sharing solutions, as well the ability to do things like edit online or sell video downloads.
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