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JW Player Simplifies Flash Video

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JW Player Simplifies Flash Video

The Bottom Line

The JW player is a great solution if you are looking to publish video on your own website. You need to be an advanced beginner tech-wise to install and get started using the JW Player. But once you have it on your site, the setup wizard and wide array of plug-ins give you professional level skills in terms of programming and customizing the video players your publish. It's definitely worth it to try out the free version before you pay for any other web video player.


  • Free, for the non-commercial version
  • Highly customizable web video player
  • Easy to install and update


  • Installation requires basic knowledge of web design and the ability to upload files to your website.


  • Web video player that works with a variety of formats, including Flash, Silverlight, H.264, MP3 and YouTube videos.
  • Includes a variety of free skins and plug-ins that allow you to customize the video player.
  • JW player requires little programming knowledge - the setup wizard generates code you need.
  • Advertising solutions provide several options for monetizing your commercial video content.

Guide Review - JW Player Simplifies Flash Video

JW Player is an easy-to-use FLV player that lets you add flash video to your website. It's a flexible tool that includes add-ons like customizable video players, the option to insert advertising into your videos, and video-sharing plug-ins.

Thanks to a brilliant setup wizard, installing, updating and customizing JW Player requires only basic knowledge of Flash programming and web site design. You enter the location of the video or playlist, size specifications, and any customized colors, behaviors etc. Then the wizard spits out a snippet of code that you can paste on your website or blog.

This tool alone makes the JW Player highly recommended for web video, especially if you're just getting started publishing on your own website. But there are many other features that make the JW Player so highly rated.

JW Player is free, unless you're using it for commercial purposes. The licensing costs, though, are low - much less than you'd pay a designer to create a comparable video player for your website.

With a commercially licensed player you can monetize your video, through several advertising options. There are many plug-ins - some free, some for a charge - that you can install for analytics, customization, social networking and advertising.And both the free and commercial versions support Microsoft's Silverlight, as well as Flash.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Video Player, Member djelliott

I started out with this player and it worked well and the sites has with many colorful 'skins.' There is plenty of onsite information about setup etc. However, they don't support FF or Rewind. My clients wanted the users to have controls similar to a VCR. Deal breaker for us. PS some skins previews show controls, but those controls didn't show up in the installed version. Possible pilot error, but I couldn't figure it out.

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