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Bing Video Lets You Browse and Search Videos


Bing Video Lets You Browse and Search Videos

Bing Video Search Offers Extra Features:

When searching Bing for videos, I noticed that the results weren't as comprehensive as those I got from Google. However, the search experience itself was more pleasant.

Like Google, all video search results on Bing can be sorted based on length, date of upload, language, hosting site, etc.

What I liked the most about Bing video search was the ability to easily preview the video results. Just hover your mouse over the video icon in the results list, and the small thumbnail video will begin to play. This is a great way to check out the videos quickly without having to visit other pages.

Bing seems especially interested in keeping video searchers on its site. Even when you do select a video to play full size, it plays on Bing, not on the site where the video is hosted. It's possible to get to the original hosting site, but it takes another click.

Browsing videos in Bing is also a very user friendly experience. You can choose from a variety of categories, including movies, music, tv, news and comedy. As you're browsing videos you can add them to your queue, which saves them in a playlist for you to watch later.

Though the search results aren't as good as Google's - especially if you're searching for obscure videos - Bing is a better search experience. The browsing function makes it easier to find videos, and the video queue lets you watch videos from a variety of sites all in one place.

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