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Shufflr Video Discovery Facebook and Mobile App



Shufflr is a video discovery app that uses your social media graph from Facebook and Twitter to bring online videos to you. You can use Shufflr from your Facebook account, or download the mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Once you've got the app, log on and let videos find you!

Getitng Started With Shufflr:

To download the Shufflr app, just go to the app store on your mobile device. It's free to download, and you can log in with your preexisting Facebook or Twitter account. You can also choose to log in as an anonymous user, and Shufflr will assign you a random username which you can change in your user profile. Shufflr works best when you link your social media accounts, so no matter how you log in, go to the Settings page to connect with Facebook and Twitter. This way, Shufflr can use your taste preferences to bring you a customized selection of videos.

The Shufflr Interface:

Shufflr has an easy-to-use, simple layout that's inviting for new users. By swiping left you can access your user settings and profile, and by swiping right you can check out your specialized video recommendations and also what your social media friends are watching. Unlike a lot of video apps, Shufflr doesn't fill the homescreen with promoted content. Instead, videos are organized into six different channels that let you find videos in different ways.

When you select a video, Shufflr gives you details about the video and expands to full screen once you hit play. Shufflr has special social video features including a "Related" tab that gives you a list of videos similar to the one you're watching, and also has a "Watched With" tab that shows you videos that other users watched in conjunction with your current selection.

You can make comments on any video you watch, "like it", and also share it with family and friends using email and social media.

Ways to Find Video:

There are six ways to discover video on Shufflr: Buzz, Celeb Channels, Entertain Me, Video Channels, Genres, and People Discovery. Shufflr features videos from many different sources including YouTube, Vimeo, Bloomberg, Crackle and more. With so many video resources it will quickly become your one-stop destination for streaming media.

The Buzz section takes you to the hottest videos online at any given moment. It's based on popularity, so be you'll find everything from humor to news in this section. The Celeb channel is organized by genre, so you can find videos related to your favorite sports players, movie stars and politicians. Entertain Me is the section that's based on your social media graph, so if you're looking for some easy video browsing, this is the place to go. The videos in this channel are usually humorous, and will be based on the type of comedy you've "liked" or "followed" in your other social media accounts. Video Channels brings you a list of television and online media channels that stream content on a regular basis. Last but not least, Genres lets you search for videos based on category, from Automobiles to Short Films. Any of the videos you find can be saved in a queue so you can watch them later.

If you're feeling disconnected after all that video browsing, check out the People Discovery section. This lets you find and connect with different Shufflrs that have taste preferences similar to your own. You can also search for your friends on Twitter and Facebook to let them know you're using Shufflr, and to see if they are too!

Shufflr has a few unique features that set it apart from the other video discovery apps. It's free to sign up, so take it for a spin to see if it's the video discovery app for you!

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