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Watch Free Music Videos From MTV


Overview of MTV.com:

Go to MTV.com, click on the tab in the top right corner to switch from "site mode" to "video mode," and you're transported back to the '80s, when MTV was all videos, all the time. But now, you get to be the VJ and choose the ones you want to watch.

About the Videos on MTV.com:

Music Videos from the past three decades are available to view. You can watch the current top 20, or see what was popular 20 years ago.

Tech Specs for MTV.com:

Videos stream in Flash. If you don't already have it installed, it's easy to download. As with all web-based video, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection for optimal viewing.

Additional Features on MTV.com:

The site is easy to browse (by artist, by genre, by most popular) and the large player keeps the the intricate visual quality of the videos intact. You can also email video links to friends and family.

The Downside of MTV.com:

Some of the older videos don't look too hot in the large player.

Must-See Video on MTV.com:

"Video Killed the Radio Star," by The Buggles. It was the first video to play on MTV back in 1981, and it's still available online.

If You Like MTV.com, Try...:

  • Yahoo! Music Videos lets you rate and share videos, as well as save them to your own "channel."
  • VH1's site, which looks very similar to MTV's, has a wealth of videos, with options for emailing and creating playlists.

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