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Watch Free Online Music Videos with Xmusicvideos


Watch Free Online Music Videos with Xmusicvideos

Overview of Xmusicvideos:

Xmusicvideos is a website devoted exclusively to sharing free music videos.

What can I watch on Xmusicvideos?:

Xmusicvideos currently offers over 10,000 music videos. The majority are videos by popular artists, but you can find plenty of offerings from lesser-known bands as well.

What do Xmusicvideos look like?:

Xmusicvideos play on a small Windows Media Player screen. Some videos are taken from sites like Yahoo! Music Videos; others are not. Quality varies depending on the video, with more popular videos generally being higher quality.

How do I watch Xmusicvideos?:

You'll need the latest version of Windows Media Player to view the videos.

Additional Features on Xmusicvideos:

Xmusicvideos has one especially cool feature: below each video is HTML code you can copy and paste to embed the video in another webpage. So Xmusicvideos is a great place to go if there's a song you'd like to have on your webpage or Myspace profile.

How much does Xmusicvideos cost?:

Xmusicvideos are free.

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