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Free TV Online - Web Sites Where You Can Watch Free TV Online

Watch Free TV Online, Including Network Shows, Movies, Specialty Programs


Why pay for cable and high-speed internet when you can watch free tv online? Nearly every network offers their tv shows free online. Check out these web sites if you're looking for free tv online.

1. Hulu

NBC and News Corp offer free tv online in their challenge to YouTube's domination of online video. Besides free tv shows online the site features movies, sporting events and video clips from more than 50 premium content producers. It's kind of like cable on demand right inside your computer.

2. YouTube

YouTube offers a lot of things, one of them being free tv online. Navigate to the network channels on YouTube and you'll be able to watch clips from many of your favorite tv shows free online.

3. PBS

You don't need a cable subscription to watch public TV, and you can also watch it free online!

4. History Channel

The History Channel offer free tv through its online site.

5. MTV

And for all you music lovers, you can watch free MTV online. MTV's free online offerings include a ton of music videos as well as classic MTV shows like the Real World.

6. Blinkx

Blinkx is an application that helps you find free tv online. Type in the name of the show that you're looking for, and Blinkx will show you where to find it online.
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