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YouTube Phone Tips

Using YouTube on Your Phone


YouTube on your phone is just like YouTube on your computer - you can watch, upload and interact with YouTube videos from any web-enabled smartphone. Use these YouTube phone tips for easier access to the mobile version of the video sharing site.

1. YouTube Phone Applications

You'll need a smart phone like the iPhone or Droid to use the YouTube phone app, but any web-enabled phone can access the YouTube mobile website. This customized version of the website has all of the same content, but it's arranged to make it easier to access through a phone.

2. Watching YouTube Phone Videos

If you can watch a video on the main YouTube web site, you can watch it on the YouTube phone site. Of course, the strength of your phone's web connection, and the quality of your phone's screen will greatly affect how well videos play. If you have a strong connection and a good screen, there's an HQ playback option for YouTube phone viewers.

3. YouTube Phone Uploads

If your phone records videos, you can upload them directly to YouTube. First, you'll need to access the Mobile Set Up option in your YouTube account. That gives you a customized email address you can use to send videos to YouTube from your phone. All videos sent to that address will post directly to your YouTube account.

4. YouTube Phone Recording

Android phone owners can access the YouTube phone recording widget. This tool is much like the YouTube desktop recording widget. It accesses your phone's video camera and saves the recording to your YouTube account, letting you bypass the uploading step.

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