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YouTube Views

Tips to Get More YouTube Views


Want to grow your YouTube views? These tips will help you organically increase the number of vies your YouTube videos get.

1. Make Videos People Want to Watch

The number one way to get more YouTube views is to make lots of videos that your audience will love. Do your research to figure out who your audience is, what they're watching now, and what you can offer that's unique.

Experiment with different formats and different types of content to see which videos get the most traction. And take a moment to ask for feedback from your viewers, from YouTubers you admire, and from people in your offline life.

It helps to keep up your production values by recording high-quality video and audio, but with YouTube that's not always necessary. On YouTube, it's more important to find a way to be authentic and connect with your audience. Even a simple webcam video can go viral.

2. Keep Your Videos Consistent

Once you find a video format that works, start producing videos on a regular basis. Your audience will be more likely to stick with you if they know they'll be getting new videos every few days. Promote your schedule on your YouTube channel, and in video annotations. You can also use annotations to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and get updates about new videos.

When you start producing more videos, you'll need to find a balance between being creative and fresh, and staying true to the original videos that attracted your audience in the first place. Keep asking viewers for feedback and ideas, and you'll be able to continue to produce new videos that make everyone happy.

3. Share Your Videos

Even if YouTube is the home for all your videos, you'll want to use other social networking sites to promote your videos. You can also email your videos to bloggers and journalists who might be interested in your topics.

And ask your audience to share videos with their online friends. Videos are much more likely to be watched and enjoyed if they're recommended by a trusted source, so this is a great way to pick up new viewers.

4. Make Videos About Popular Topics

Videos about hot topics, or that relate to popular videos, are more likely to show up in searches and as recommended videos. So if you're stuck for what to make a video about, look to YouTube trending topics for inspiration.

5. Use Good Video SEO

Video SEO is crucial for getting more views on YouTube. If you want your videos to show up in search results on Google and in YouTube, you should be sure to give them keyword-rich titles, descriptions and tags.

6. Track Who's Watching Your Videos

YouTube analytics offers lots of information about who's watching your videos, how they're finding them, how much they're watching and much, much more. You should look at this information regularly, and you'll likely find some trends that can help you make videos that are even more appealing to your audience.

7. Get People to Watch More Videos

If you could get your viewers to watch a few more of your videos, you'd dramatically increase your number of YouTube views. Use tools like annotations and playlists to move viewers from one video to the next. And if you embed your videos on other sites, turn off related videos, so you're not pushing your viewers to things done by other creators.

8. Collaborate for a Bigger Audience

YouTube is a social network, and if you collaborate with other YouTubers your can reach their audience and increase your subscribers. Find other people who are making videos aimed at a similar audience - but who aren't your direct competitors - and approach them with ideas for creating collaborative videos. Or, just give some of your favorite creators a shout-out in one of your videos, and hope they do the same in return.

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