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Readers Respond: What Are the Worst Digital Video Effects?

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Digital video effects are included in most software packages. Some of the effects are classic and great for almost any video. Others are silly, cheesy or just plain weird, and using them will mark your video as an amateur production. What do you think are the worst digital video effects?

too many effects

too many effects attracts the attation of the viewer
—Guest hope

Worst ever!!!

When the page rushes in with a screeching halt (tires screeching)! It's so 90's!!

Worst Digital Effects

I agree with the mercury .. too many effects to show an amateur editor. each effect represents an existing concept, but too many effects that would eliminate the concept. possible effect of the camera is better than editing effect
—Guest imajinny

Carson Daley

As of the October, 2009, you need go no further than the watch NBC and 1:30 AM to see a showcase of the most horrific video effects ever.
—Guest PCL

Video effects mistake

Having studied TV production in the early 1960's, when effects were at a minimum, I was taught that effects should only compliment the overall message and never call attention to themselves. We had the cut, the dissolve and the wipe. Cuts are used to maintain continuous idea; dissolves show a displacement of time, space or concept and wipes are easily distractions for the message. Rule #1. If the effect causes the viewer to notice the effect MORE than the idea it is supposed to support, then DON'T USE IT. It's that simple.
—Guest Robert

Worst Digital Effects

The one I dislike the most dissolves with those little boxes. Ugggh! And most often encountered by amateurs are "too many" effects.

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